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    Day twenty three afghani x white widow clones
  2. aceknight

    Mainlining Auto-flowers

  3. B

    Mainlining does it really yield more?

    If anyone has experience with this style of growing please give me the good and the bad
  4. J

    JakPot's Hempy Bucket LED Grow - First Journal

    I am running Multiple Strains: 1. THC Bomb 2. Brooklyn Mango 3. Sex Bud 4. ? Not sure on the fourth. I have another BMango and an Afghan Kush X Black Domina (Freebie) germinating; whichever pops first is going in the veg room. The other is going in the seed room to make pollen. All of these...
  5. infiniteJuan

    2nd Grow - 1st Roots Organic - Kind Soil With A Flux Grow - Northern Lights Auto

    What strain is it? Vision Northern Lights Auto/Fem [Herbies] Is it Indica, Sativa or Hybrid? What percentages? Northern Lights x Mexican Ruderalis 80% Indica / 20% Sativa Is it in Veg or Flower stage? Seedling If in Veg... For how long? Herbie's site states 14 days If in Flower stage... For...
  6. S

    Mainlining Veg Time?

    Hey I'm interested in mainlining my plants. Got a couple questions. How long in veg does it take to reach 8, 16 and finally 32 tops? Anyone have experience mainlining outdoors? Also what is the best way to spread out 16, 32 tops? Cheers
  7. eddieo

    If you're a mainliner please help

    Hey guys well I need help on mainlining or topping. Lets get right into it heres a current picture of my plant. Before you ask about what happened to the plant please read my previous thread for details. It looks like where I 'attempted' to previously main line one of the branch has become...
  8. eddieo

    Problems while Mainlining

    Hey guys this is my first grow Its been about 5 weeks since sprout. Here are the specifications of equipment im using to grow:- Hydroponics Deep water culture (DWC) with water feeder 400W MH/HPS Clay pebbles OG KUSH FloraTrio Nutrients Basically while i was attempting to main line I...
  9. J

    J5's First Grow - Northern Lights - Hempy - UFO LED - Mainlined

    This is a journal of my very first grow. Many mistakes were made, but compared to gardening outside this was the healthiest plant I've ever grown (no bugs). Pictures begin first week of flowering stage. 3.5 Gallon Hempy Bucket $4 Perlite / Vermiculite / Hydroton mix $15 180w (90w actual)...
  10. flowergirl21

    1st Time Grow - Flowergirl21's - White Widow - Bloombox - Hydro - Manifold Technique

    After much deliberation and research, I decided that BC Northern Lights' Bloombox was the right system for me. Although I fully understand that a grow room can be put together more inexpensively, stealth is the utmost importance right now. I've read *a lot* of journals at this point, and I am...
  11. QueenBubbles

    Queen Bubbles Lemon Kush/Viking Tropical Auto - 4x4 Tent - 600 Watt LED Grow

    Hi Guys so this Grow is a experiment that i want to do. I will be Growing 4 seeds out. 2 Lemon Kush and 2 Viking Tropical Autos. I will Be mainling my Lemon Kushes because i like what i get out of mainling. The autos will be subject to LST and or toping at the 3rd or 4th node. PLEASE just let me...
  12. K

    Clock is ticking - LED+coco+grow tent

    Hey guys, dabbling through different forums and this one became my fav, dunno why, guess so many enthusiasts like me in one place is bound to attract attention of anyone in our world of this beautiful plant. Don't want to praise you anymore, you already know all this. It's been a dream of mine...
  13. D

    Quick Question

    I have this Section 6 seed that I mainlined for four tops.The thing is it would appear one of the tops is going to be done well ahead of the others-any advice please?Shes growing under 600w hps in a soil/hydroton mix using Bio Bizz nutes and Magne-Cal.Sorry,I know my photos arent th e...
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