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  1. ondercuver

    Please educate me in tap water vs RO water

    So I have very hard tap water , I have to live with it . Untill yesterday I didn't know exactly what makes the water hard, I knew something about calcar or calcium levels , but nothing was clear in my mind. So here comes google , I had to use the little guy because I didn't understand...
  2. M

    Fan controller makes fan buzz - Is it normal?

    hi guys, i have a 6" 150mm ram extraction fan HydroGarden | RAM | Inline Duct Fans with a smscom fan controller and thermostat SMSCOM Fan speed controller 6.5 Amp the issue im having is when i plug the fan into the controller the fan makes a buzzing / hummmmm noise even on max. im...
  3. J

    Ayahuasca Purple

    AYAHUASCA PURPLE 2016 outdoor grow Montana Strain specs said short plant? This one is 9 ft tall. Best looking plant iv grown. Its only sept 15th still has 2-3 more weeks to go hope she makes it. Temps been 30-40f down to 30-31 f a couple nights but holding up pretty well.
  4. josh223

    Sour D

    I'm thinking about growing Sour Diesel in the near future. What breeder makes the best feminized rendition? From what I've read the real deal is clone only. I'm fine with that. Many breeders have their take on it. Who, preferably from a sponsor-easy to procure from the internet, makes the...
  5. C

    Best strain to relax and smile

    Hey everybody. I just signed up with this site. I used to smoke and grow a lot so I'm not a beginner. I just haven't smoked much lately mostly because it seems that when I do smoke, my mind races uncontrollably and I just don't enjoy it. I don't know if the weed is just too strong now or if what...
  6. J Washington

    Dark Before Harvest

    Does it make any difference to deprive plants of light in the last 24-48 hours before harvest? I have always done it, but not sure if it really makes any difference. Today would be the day to cut the lights. Opinions please...
  7. LEDBud

    Jock Horror Automatic

    Strain - Jock Horror Automatic From - unknown Seedbank When - 4/20 Type - Sativa, Indica Ruderellis Appearance - Bushy Smell - licorice , goodies (candy) Taste - Smooth as silk Type of Buzz - Super clear , thought provoking Length of Buzz - 4 hours easy Best Medicinal Use - Insomnia, appetite...
  8. P

    Help identifying strong lemon strain

    I realize it's difficult to look at a pic and name a strain but was hoping to narrow it down by giving some details. Touching the buds makes your fingers smell like lemon pledge. This flavor carried over to the cured buds. The smell and taste are so strong it makes me think of lemon extract...