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malawi cobs

  1. Mr. Magoo

    Cobbing: The Essentials

    This thread will serve as point of reference concerning cobbing. Please refrain from comments better suited for the other cobbing threads and allow this space to be used for just the essentials. Content here will be things brought up or discovered in the other threads that the community feels is...
  2. malxeth cured buds2-web.jpg

    malxeth cured buds2-web.jpg

    Canary buds M x E ready to age
  3. mxebuds2daydry-web.jpg


    Dried M x E buds ready to cob
  4. malawi x ethiopian bud-web.jpg

    malawi x ethiopian bud-web.jpg

    Malawi x Ethiopian bud ready to cure
  5. SweetSue

    Tangwena's Malawi-Style Cob Cure: Fermented Cannabis

    Since my first buzz at the age of 22 I've been searching for an elusive euphoric experience, one that connected me to a deeper awareness, insight, and hallucinatory inspiration one might more often attribute to ceremony than recreation. After years of dreaming, and following three years of...
  6. C

    Malawi cobs step by step as shown in skunk magazine

    this is the process of making malawi cobs that the REV from skunk magazine said he used to produce a really bomb connisuer smoke that fetched top dollar. Materials: 1) plastic 60 gallon trash can 2) 9 cubic feet of dirt 3) cornhusks 4) 1/2 ounce Malawi or equiv. Amount of sativa (...
  7. C

    Malawi cobs, underground curing

    wsup every1, I read a great article in skunk about underground curing (malawi cobs) and was wondering if any1 has tried this? Or smoked any herb cured this way? I will be doing a half a pound of my harvest this way so I will be able to give a smoke report in about 8 months as the cobs take 6...
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