malawi cobs

  1. SweetSue

    Tangwena's Malawi-Style Cob Cure - Fermented Cannabis

    Since my first buzz at the age of 22 I've been searching for an elusive euphoric experience, one that connected me to a deeper awareness, insight, and hallucinatory inspiration one might more often attribute to ceremony than recreation. After years of dreaming, and following three years of...
  2. C

    Malawi cobs step by step as shown in skunk magazine

    this is the process of making malawi cobs that the REV from skunk magazine said he used to produce a really bomb connisuer smoke that fetched top dollar. Materials: 1) plastic 60 gallon trash can 2) 9 cubic feet of dirt 3) cornhusks 4) 1/2 ounce Malawi or equiv. Amount of sativa (...
  3. C

    Malawi cobs, underground curing

    wsup every1, I read a great article in skunk about underground curing (malawi cobs) and was wondering if any1 has tried this? Or smoked any herb cured this way? I will be doing a half a pound of my harvest this way so I will be able to give a smoke report in about 8 months as the cobs take 6...