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malawi gold

  1. 20180409_124851.jpg


    cola of Malawi gold ,7th week
  2. 20180409_124840.jpg


    7th week , middle Malawi gold, back bubblegum , left down chocolate mint , left up strawberry glue.
  3. 20180409_124701.jpg


    7th week bud
  4. S

    Does this look like a healthy 14 day old?

    Malawi Gold auto fem (Crop King Seeds) 2 plants soil with 4-1-4 and perlite mixture 200 watts of 6500k CFL's Ph@ 6.5 Lights up 6-8 inches from plants Flora Nova Gro with a touch of molasses and 3% Hydrogen Peroxide 1/4 Strength 3 gal square pots from start, room temp 75-80 max,RH @50%
  5. V

    Hello all

    Hello Vapinmofo here. I have traveled all over Africa looking for the Best weed. I have been using pot for 40 years. I love edibles. I will NOT smoke weed. I only Vaporize. My favorite Vaporizer is the CRAFTY. I like INDICA and sativa but since EVERYTHING (well mostly like 90%) is a hybrid...
  6. Greenthumb J

    My Very First Grow! DWC - Stealth Grow Box - 4 Strains

    Hey Everyone, and :welcome: to my very first Grow/Grow journal. I am growing 4 strains currently. 6 Malawi gold (Malberry Seeds, non-fem), 4 White Rhino, 3 White Widow and 1 Great White Shark, the last 3 all being Greenhouse seeds, feminized. 14 Plants total. My growing setup is as...
  7. T

    Tom Bombodil's Malawi Gold & Western Winds Bumble in the Jungle

    One regular Malawi gold, sex unknown. One regular Western Winds, sex unknown. 1000W HPS, aircooled with 265cfm centrifugal fan. Hempy buckets! ! !
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