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malawi gold

  1. four2ohyeah

    Malawi Gold

    Hi I'm a new grower since 2016 and I've attempted a Malawi gold grow... in week 20ish of flower and flushing out before harvest. Getting mixed feedback on IG so came here to meet new growers and get some comments on the gold. Thanks in advance for taking a look.
  2. 20180409_124851.jpg


    cola of Malawi gold ,7th week
  3. 20180409_124840.jpg


    7th week , middle Malawi gold, back bubblegum , left down chocolate mint , left up strawberry glue.
  4. 20180409_124701.jpg


    7th week bud
  5. S

    Does this look like a healthy 14 day old?

    Malawi Gold auto fem (Crop King Seeds) 2 plants soil with 4-1-4 and perlite mixture 200 watts of 6500k CFL's Ph@ 6.5 Lights up 6-8 inches from plants Flora Nova Gro with a touch of molasses and 3% Hydrogen Peroxide 1/4 Strength 3 gal square pots from start, room temp 75-80 max,RH @50%
  6. V

    Hello all

    Hello Vapinmofo here. I have traveled all over Africa looking for the Best weed. I have been using pot for 40 years. I love edibles. I will NOT smoke weed. I only Vaporize. My favorite Vaporizer is the CRAFTY. I like INDICA and sativa but since EVERYTHING (well mostly like 90%) is a hybrid...
  7. Greenthumb J

    My Very First Grow! DWC - Stealth Grow Box - 4 Strains

    Hey Everyone, and :welcome: to my very first Grow/Grow journal. I am growing 4 strains currently. 6 Malawi gold (Malberry Seeds, non-fem), 4 White Rhino, 3 White Widow and 1 Great White Shark, the last 3 all being Greenhouse seeds, feminized. 14 Plants total. My growing setup is as...
  8. T

    Tom Bombodil's Malawi Gold & Western Winds Bumble in the Jungle

    One regular Malawi gold, sex unknown. One regular Western Winds, sex unknown. 1000W HPS, aircooled with 265cfm centrifugal fan. Hempy buckets! ! !
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