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  1. Almost Croptober for these ladys

    Almost Croptober for these ladys

    Outdoor 2019 sativa dom Gwillith and Malawi
  2. Malawi top

    Malawi top

    She got dry and burned in the heat, recovering well.
  3. Malawi


    Ace Seeds Malawi , she got tall
  4. Malawi Ace Seeds

    Malawi Ace Seeds

    She has begun to flower!
  5. Malawi Ace Seeds leaf

    Malawi Ace Seeds leaf

    Very sativa as expected in this lady
  6. Many wonderful ladies

    Many wonderful ladies

    A variety of hybrid,sativa, and indica plants
  7. Malawi and Nepal Jam

    Malawi and Nepal Jam

  8. Ace Seeds Nepal Jam and Malawi

    Ace Seeds Nepal Jam and Malawi

    Nepal Jam on the left, Malawi right
  9. Sativa city

    Sativa city

    This section is all sativa
  10. Malawi


    Malawi fem from Ace Seeds
  11. Malawi seedling

    Malawi seedling

  12. Ace Seeds

    Ace Seeds

    Ace Seeds pack 1 Malawi and 1 Nepal Jam
  13. T

    Malawi Grown Down Under!

    Hello all :) I've decided to start a journal to document this special grow of mine. Yesterday I dropped 5 seeds of the Malawi seeds i recieved from a friend of a friend, I have been told these genetics are one of the best malawi seeds going around so i'm really keen to try these out and...
  14. neikodog

    ACE Seeds Plant Pics

    Hello all ACE seeds fans. Now that ACE is a sponsor I wanted to have a place to show off your ACE plants and possibly coax Dubi from ACE to participate when he can. We don't really have a vendor forum so I was hoping this could act as one. There are a lot of growers here on the Mag that run ACE...
  15. Mr. Magoo

    Cobbing: The Essentials

    This thread will serve as point of reference concerning cobbing. Please refrain from comments better suited for the other cobbing threads and allow this space to be used for just the essentials. Content here will be things brought up or discovered in the other threads that the community feels is...
  16. PurpleGunRack

    First High Brix Grow

    :welcome: Welcome to my new journal :welcome: -First time growing in ''The Kit'' Seeds planted: 21MAR2018 Finally have the chance to try out Doc's kit, I don't have access to the recommended peat and EWC, so this will be euro style High Brix and this is what went in: 1 bag First-Run...
  17. Malawi in her 11th week

    Malawi in her 11th week

    Frosty and stinky-sweet! Just the way we like them.
  18. 87794282-446B-4C63-BE86-8B6109A2EA2B.jpeg


    2-25-18 Malawi nice nug
  19. SashaShiva

    Banana Crack, Danky Kong & Strawberry Stardawg x Malawi: ElSasha Seeds

    Here is the thread where these seeds were made Crossing Malawi Gold, Strawberry Diesel, Banana Crack, Early Durban, Hindu Kush Now I am Germinating: Strawberry Stardawg X Malawi Banana Crack X Malawi Danky Kong X Malawi The Strawberry Stardawg and Banana Crack are Holy Smoke Seeds, the Danky...
  20. SashaShiva

    Crossing Malawi Gold, Strawberry Diesel, Banana Crack, Early Durban, Hindu Kush

    The first part is from this website Cannabis Breeding Techniques (Advanced) - How to breed your own strain! | Grow Weed Easy Dominant & Recessive Traits Some traits are “dominant” and some are “recessive”. This means that your plants can sometimes be carrying “hidden” traits which won’t show...
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