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male or female?

  1. TavarusA

    Male or female

    This make it female
  2. TBuurman

    Male or female?

    Not sure if this is male or female, I was told to leave it in the dark for 4 days then it would show more, any advice on this?
  3. B

    Male or female?

    Hey guys, fairly new at this so I’m not sure if this plant is male or female. Can you guys let me know what you think?? I bought autos but didn’t realise they werent feminised. The strain is A Little kushy, thanks!
  4. R

    Male or female

    First time I started growing weed.. started a test run with some seeds I had before I bought and need some help identifying if it’s male or female
  5. 20190411_141423.jpg


    The Unicorn
  6. 20190408_173249.jpg


    Possible Male
  7. strain help have hard time seeing

    strain help have hard time seeing

  8. Male female? Strain??

    Male female? Strain??

  9. Male/female??


    got some girls down below need to find out soon
  10. H

    It's that time again - Male or female?

    ok so have 4 plants in the scrog that has been in 12/12 for about a week.....male or female??? fyi, these are from homegrown hermie seeds...thx
  11. phiGweed

    Do i have a female and a male?

    Heres the female one heres the one i think is a male.. it is about 4 days younger than the other though Please help?:thanks:
  12. C

    Cannabis strain unknown having problems

    not sure if 13w energy saving bulbs did anything much but im at 2 weeks an 3 out of 5 plants an starting to look bad big main leaves are curling up gave it two day of sunlight atles watered 4 times daily gave it a boost of miracle grow yesterday need advice asap dont want to lose my first crops
  13. trichomes

    Looks like it's a Boy?

    HAPPY HOLIDAYS to all at 420! please confirm, never seen one, thank you & :circle-of-love:
  14. C

    Help! Male or Female?

    I need some quick help. Male or Female ? about 4 feet tall.
  15. C

    Urgent Gender issue, please help!

    I was wondering if anyone could give me some urgent insight, are these male or female plants? im not too sure but i think they are male and i want to be positive before i pull them out of grow room. Please help!!
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