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male plants

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    First male ...
  2. Onceinawhile

    Hey guys need urgent help with 3 plants

    Hey guys I got a big problem but first thing is I am a 1st time grower and I need help to make a decision. I have 3 plants and they are about 4 months old and I just discovered that 2 are males and 1 is female. I don't know what to do with the male plants. Should I trow them away, I heard that...
  3. C

    I killed this - male?

    i was told this was a male so i killed it....was i right?
  4. H

    What do I do with male plants?

    Are they worthless? Can I get high smokin them? I know i need to separate them from the females but other than that, what can i do with them? will they bud-up?
  5. damnyourhot

    I need help identifying a male

    its small looks like its growing pods my other doesnt have these looking traits at all i think its male since i have no where else to flower it i will most likly cut it down i think my other plant is female white widow i am so lucky for being my 1st time ever that i get a female and...
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