mama mia

  1. Mama Mia (seedsman)

    Mama Mia (seedsman)

    Mama Mia in her 4th week of flowering. Organic Soil, no amendments. ;)
  2. Kaiser Wilhelm

    The Kaiser's Perpetual Grow: Moving Toward All Organic

    Hi all and welcome to the Kaisers perpetual grow. I grew with a roomie back in college for a year and got great results using entirely perlite but unfortunately I haven't had a chance to grow again till this summer. Last year I was able to reacquire most of the equipment I needed and have been...
  3. M

    My 1st MI Med Grow Journal 2011

    hey people thanks for stopping by, let me catch you up. set up: 5x5 grow tent 1000watt switchable in air cooled hood 6" 140cfm inline fan with ducting for hood 4" 190cfm can fan with carbon scrubber 3.5 gallon grow bags %80 ffof %20 roots organic technaflora and advanced nutrients CO2...