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  1. Mandela or Satori

    Mandela or Satori

    Blew Hiller Pandemic Summer Grow
  2. 8 Miles High

    8 Miles High

    Blew Hiller Grow 2019
  3. Mandala Genetics.jpg

    Mandala Genetics.jpg

    Blew Hiller GH Grow 2018/19
  4. L

    Crop King and Mandala Seeds

    Can someone explain how 2 seed companies can have such divergent germination direction? Mandala strictly forbids the cup of water soak Crop King insists on the soak Mandala claims there seeds are fresher. Is that true?
  5. L

    Crop King and Mandala Seeds

    Can someone explain why Mandala Seeds outright condemn a 12 hour soak and Crop King demand it? According to thier guaranty.
  6. mostarda

    420's First Soil Indoor Medical LED: Mostarda Grow Journal 2017

    3 seeds of Strain: Mandala #1 Breeder: Mandala Location: indoor, outdoor Type: indica/sativa Flowering: ~58 days No feminized seeds 1 seed of Strain: Northern Lights #9 Breeder: Sagarmatha Location: indoor Type: indica/sativa Flowering: ~55 days Normal or female seeds. 1 seed...
  7. W

    Seeking the best strain for my environment

    I know this is kinda early, but I seem to be obsessed with looking for the "perfect strain" for my outdoor grow next year. I do have 4 reg Afghani seeds and 2 feminized Delhaze that I got free with my Autos that are currently in week 5. My climate is subtropical and our summers hare most;ly...
  8. M

    Mandala claims vs reality - your opinion?

    I've been looking at a lot of seed catalogues lately; trying to decide which breeder to go with for my second grow. Mandala Seeds has a super-informative website, but to my novice ear some of the claims they make re: their strains seem more than a little exaggerated. Or maybe these seeds...
  9. Kwsmoke

    Mandala's Hashberry

    Whats up everybody. Ok, so I was looking for a strain for my next grow... something I can cross with my Autoflowering strain "shortstuff #1" I'm thinking about Hashberry from Mandala Seeds... here is the company's description.... --HASHBERRY-- Type: mostly indica Contains land...
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