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  1. I

    LED - Manifold - Mainline ChemDawg - SuperSkunk - Sour D - Fruit Punch

    Whats up 420, I am back for another grow. Another Manifold. With a new light and new strains to try out. So lets just jump right in and get started with what Im working with. I will be growing in a 4/4/5 Shorty Gorilla Grow Tent. Thats a 6"Ipower fan/filter combo you can get on...
  2. I

    First time grower seeking knowledge on growing Super Silver Haze indoors

    I am seeking as much knowledge, tips & tricks for Growing Super Silver Haze indoor. I have 6 seedlings on day 8 that are about 3.5" tall going on their 3rd nodes. I am planing to mainline/manifold to combat the height issue and also get a higher yield. Does anyone have info on the best...
  3. Tomula

    Tomula's Living Organics In Soil With Olla Irrigation Perpetual Indoor Garden

    Dear people of the forum, all of you helpful and kind souls here and there, everywhere. I'm back, with me- a new grow! No pics, oh no! Come tomorrow! Under purple light glow, where winds always blow, I have something for you now, so grab a bowl of popcorn, and enjoy the show! :yahoo...
  4. R

    Mainlining - Manifolding

    Hi all I'm looking to try some new training techniques and I've come across Main-lining / Manifolding. I'm familiar with topping but this seems to be a whole different idea. Has anyone used this method before and does anyone have any success stories? (that sounded very middle management...