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    Auto-Fem Mix Pack

    First time grower, I bought CKS auto-feminize mix pack because I grow outdoor in a cold climate and I tough the auto would guaranty my girls start flowering before first snow ( usually end of September). I bought 10 seeds, they all successfully germinated except I lost 4 cause the paper towel...
  2. beez0404

    If you grow in soil this might be of interest to you - Perfect natural fertilizer

    Since joining this site I have gained a lot of useful information, tips and tricks. To that end I want to offer something back to the members who are so friendly and helpful to complete strangers. A gal down the road from me a piece raises rabbits. Not sure if you know this or not but rabbit...
  3. baxbax

    Need advice about poultry manure

    Hello , I grind some poultry manure about 10 litre and decide mix it into my soil and let it cook just like when you mix blood or bone or etc ... providing npk and minerals , soil mix is peat, worm casting ,leaf compost ,coco ,kelp, azomite etc ... just wonder how much I should add to soil? I...
  4. baxbax

    Already mixing supersoil need help

    Hello,I throw my chemicals out of window and trying mix organic soil , I mixed 70 litre of black peat with 60 litre of worm castings and 10 litre cocopeat , going to buy chicken manure tomorrow this is what I wanna to buy : Top-selling organic fertilizer with an optimum price/quality ratio...
  5. Bacondoggy

    Ph meters and lowering ph if needed but with seedlings?

    I hear the onesoil at lowes are crap by many different people. But I see ones on amazon for like 17 but it's just ph not that 3 way crap. Will that work be accurate? Bc mine says my phone is 7 but it said that when I left it in the manure bag for 2 weeks straight. I guess u have to take them...
  6. H

    Vermicompost and manure powder

    Hey guys, Thanks for reading, Now I know Vermi and Manure contain good amounts of NPK, but do they also contain ALL micronutrients which are vital for plant growth? I live in India, and I don't get all the fancy juices everybody seems to be talking about.. So I'm interested in using...
  7. L

    First grow outdoors - quick question!

    Hello 420 users! Its the first time I start a grow on my own! Ive found plenty of useful article already but theres some things I have been thinking about that I would like to get an answers to. First some info and the current status: (seed: 2 Tropical viking auto, 2 Blue mystic auto, 2...
  8. ds8802

    Composted humus/manure tea. Safe to use?

    i just recenty started up a decent-sized batch (about 12-15 gallons) of compost tea with the following ingredients and ratios: About four liters of this: -80% compost/humus -20% manure Sitting in 10-12 gallons of oxygenated, purified H2O. It's been going for about a week and i have yet...
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