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  1. A

    MH for flower?

    Hey all. Been using MH for veg and HPS for flower for many, many, years. Now, I am having people tell me to flower WITH my MH systems, and I'll have more potent medicine. Should I try this? I am almost ready to flip 2 Blue Dream girls. Opinion PLEASE!
  2. W

    Slow grow - Thick stems - Many leaves

    Hi, Strain: Barneys Blue Cheese Autoflower Mediun: soil, coco, perlite, peat, pebble Vessel: Smart pot Fert: Greenhouse powderfeeding grow + phed tap water (stood 2 weeks before usage) Light: 3w white leds, total 144 watts (car led bar lights experiment) Light distance: 50 cm As plant...
  3. E

    New grower and my first grow room!

    Hey friends I just got my first space and don't know where to start. Its a 10x17 basement room with 2 basement windows on one wall. I can post pics as well. I want a set up that'll yield the most per cycle... So how many lights and plants?! Theres so many damn theories lol my buddy is...
  4. 3

    December 15 2017 - What does this mean for existing cannabis businesses?

    After careful review of the MMMP and the subsequent changes coming on December 15th (tomorrow), is anyone else concerned about the availability to obtain medical cannabis legally? I have been told that many dispensaries will be shutting down until the end of Q1 2018. Any insight would be...
  5. LedTestLab

    Guys need some help here!

    MEGA JACKPOT ® FEMINIZED Indica 35% | Sativa 65% Flower stage week 3 Indoor- Soil 1 plant 240 W LED The poroblem is that on week 3 I think there is to many hairs. Actually I dont know. Thats why Im asking. Because I have seen some grow journals and they dont have so many "hairs" in week...
  6. C


    hello from Canada everyone I'm a new grower and have been reading many articles posted on this site and found many that have helped me already. but I do have a question or 2 so ill start with this for now. I'm growing 4 Indica plants in soil under a 600MH they look healthy enough but after 3...
  7. SmokeyBear88

    Too many sections!

    Seriously there are wayyyy too many sections. Organics is practiaclly a dead zone. It would have more traffic if there weren't so many roads before it. Really look at how many there are, its absurd. Most people want to LEARN how to grow. We would have a lot more active members if we had less...
  8. M

    Which seed

    Need some advice on my grow, Whats best autoflowering seed to go for under a 600w hps light in soil inside a trojan gold 10 tent (1m2 2m tall). How many could i fit inside the tent am going for yield. Any advice is appreciated Mr A Bud
  9. C

    How to calculate how many LED Watts is how many Lumens

    Hello! So I've searched some threads, by keywords and not, and I didn't find an answer for my question. I know that there are over 500 pages, and when searched by keyword, there appeared to be around 50 pages - so perhaps there might be answer laying, somewhere... But I though this would be...
  10. Ron Strider

    UT: Medical Cannabis Petitions Circulate In Sanpete

    Persons who look around the community this coming week may see a sign inviting them to sign the Medical Cannabis Petition for Utah. The petitions are being circulated in an effort to acquire enough signatures to put the "Utah Medical Cannabis Act", on the 2018 Utah ballot. Utahpatients.org...
  11. Ron Strider

    Four Important Facts About Medical Marijuana

    Medical marijuana can do wonders to help many patients who lost all hope for an effective treatment. As an incredibly effective alternative to traditional drug therapies, many studies proved cannabis' safety and effectiveness against diseases such as fibromyalgia, chronic pain, post-traumatic...
  12. Ron Strider

    Dr. Kevin Most: Medical Marijuana

    29 states have approved the use of medicinal marijuana, even though federal law still prohibits it. Many of the other states that have not approved its use are studying it now and will probably move to some accepted use soon. The term medical The approved recreational use also appears to be...
  13. Ron Strider

    Who's Growing Marijuana

    The first piece of marijuana-zoned land I sold was in 2016 to a paving contractor from Texas. He had no experience in marijuana, and he hadn't even ever smoked it. I wondered why he would purchase this marijuana-zoned property in the Desert thousands of miles from his home state and invest in a...
  14. Ron Strider

    Can Cannabis Help With Health Issues During Pregnancy

    Cannabis use has been debated in the public opinion for over a century now. Despite the fact that the ups and downs marijuana has gone through, today such states as Alaska, Oregon, Colorado, and Washington among others have decided to legalize the herb’s use for recreational purposes while more...
  15. 28 Grams

    Let's Discuss Yields

    I'm just kind of wondering, how much have you guys yielded in the past? Maybe give some basic info ie.. How many plants How long was the grow Square Footage Light Wattage Etc. :welcome:
  16. Ron Strider

    MA: SJC To Hear Case Against 'Unconstitutionally Vague' Medical Marijuana Law

    The state's medical marijuana law is unconstitutionally vague and endangers the rights of patients who grow their own weed, according to a case that the Supreme Judicial Court has agreed to hear. The case stems from the 2013 arrest of a Framingham man caught in a legal twilight zone: He was...
  17. M


    Hi, Just started growing for the first time. Haven't smoked in many, many years but recently retired and am looking for some pain relief. I hate pills! Northern Ontario. I've been looking around the site and seems you have a good thing going here :thumb:
  18. PlantWrestler

    PlantWrestler's Ultimate Growing Championships!

    Hello growers, tokers and medical marijuana masters. I am the PlantWrestler and this is the Ultimate Growing Championships! . Indica vs Sativa, Strain vs Strain ,Plant vs Plant ,Vert vs Flat ,Hoods vs Barebulbs ,Auto vs Photoperiod, PlantWrestler vs The Law there can only be 1 crowned the...
  19. Why Doe

    First Grow - Big Yielder? Pics

    A little over a month in. Keeping her short. Blueberry autoflower from ILGM, so far I'm counting about 12 soon to be colas with more still reaching the top of the canopy. What do you guys think? Is there a general count to how many bud sites one could expect? Obviously there are a lot of...
  20. Old TimingMan

    OTM's DIY Bubble Cloning & Sprouting 40 Year Old Seeds & Current RDWC Harvest

    :welcome: First off, I would like to thank all of you that have encouraged me to start a journal, you all know who you are and your your words of encouragement is appreciated. I am quite new to the 420 family and over the last couple months have encountered so many great folks!:thumb: My...