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    Maple syrup
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    Maple Syrup
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    Blew Hiller Maple Syrup
  4. K

    Police Mistake Maple Leaves For Marijuana, Tell Whole Town Someone's Giving Pot Candy

    We really can't have nice things in this world. Some cool person in Illinois decided to break the mold a bit this year and instead of handing out the same old Snickers or Butterfinger bars as everybody else, distributed cool, imported Japanese candy instead. That is a great idea! It's...
  5. K

    7 Celebrity Ganjapreneurs Selling Legal Marijuana On The Side

    The U.S. florist industry employs around 90,000 people around the nation per year. But now, some celebrities are trying to get in on the action in a very unconventional way. With the upcoming vote in November that will determine if marijuana will be legalized for recreational use in...
  6. E

    Hello there.

    Hey there, new user here, figured I would try out the forums. First to test this site out we should like ask questions, get to know each other, my first question has anyone ever had a small bubbler and used warmed 100% pure maple syrup as the filter liquid. (Its actually really good, if you do...
  7. GimmieGreenie

    It Smelled so sweet. What strain was it?

    well Maybe somebody here can help me I had this weed aleast 6 maybe even 7 years ago. It was strong but not harsh at all. It was by far the sweetness smelling, most tasty weed i had ever had or even heard of. At the time it was sold to me i was told it was chocolate ( wow that really lets you...
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