mar hydro

  1. SmokeyB

    Ljb Another Go Peyote Cookies & Others

    Another journal smaller tent 80/80/160 for 4 maybe 5 if can flower 5 in if not 1 going in garden till there done then IL flower her on her own 3 peyote cookies and 2 others I will be using mars hydro tws2000 I'm going for quality this time let's se what happens nutes will be again advanced...
  2. Tokin Roll

    Mars-Hydro DWC 1 Plant 4x4 Scrog

    Good Day all in 420 magazine world. A few individuals have been asking me about my current grow, well I don't have one. This will take a couple weeks of so to set up everything, I have plan's. What are my plans you say; well I think it time for me try test myself to the limits. One plant in a...
  3. Nicke t

    OG Kush

    Hi everyone I started this from seed, it's 10 days in veg,
  4. J

    Northern Light auto: need help! Yellow spots

    Hey everyone got a little problem and would greatly appreciate anyone’s input. I am six weeks and all has gone well - had a mini magnesium deficiency three weeks ago and Foliar sprayed with Epsom salts and then started mixing in with my water at 1/2 tsp per litre and it worked wonders. I have...
  5. Mickey Pearson

    The Growing Room

    It's 4/20 and today the lights have gone on. Converting a spare room with a Mars 400 & another 300W LED. One wall has been lined with foil and the room is light tight and dark as hell inside with the lights out. There are two seeds, from unknown plants successfully cultivated outdoors, that...
  6. IMG_20200215_192203.jpg


    No flash Bruce number 2
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