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  1. Ron Strider

    "Goodlife" Marijuana Festival May Be Barred From Del Mar Fairgrounds

    A medical marijuana festival at the Del Mar Fairgrounds may not go on as planned, it was reported Wednesday. The Del Mar Fairgrounds' governing agency, the 22nd District Agricultural Association Board of Directors, voted Tuesday to table a decision that would have allowed the Goodlife...
  2. Scrogdawg

    Scrogdawg Does 3 Strains Under 800 Watts - Could Be A Trainwreck

    Thanks everyone for taking time to check out my second grow journal. Below a list of my setup and a few pictures to illustrate where I'm at. Early Days I set 1 White Widow Feminized, 3 Mama Thai x Thai Stick Regular and 2 G-Thirteen Regular seeds in paper towel to germinate on Mar. 11th...
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