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    Week 5 Flower On A Few

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    CA: Santa Maria Details City's Marijuana Urgency Ordinance

    Santa Maria, Calif - An ordinance banning certain marijuana activities in Santa Maria is causing confusion about what you can and cannot do within city limits. The city council passed the ordinance last summer, a few months before voters statewide approved Prop 64 - legalizing recreational...
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    CA: Santa Maria City Council Extends Moratorium On Cannabis Operations

    The Santa Maria City Council voted Tuesday night to extend a current ban on marijuana-related activities and to snuff out smoking in public areas in Santa Maria. The council unanimously voted to extend a ban on manufacturing, processing, laboratory testing, labeling, storing and the wholesale...
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    Saludos! New member from Argentina!

    Hi guys!, how its going? From today Ill be posting photos or asking for advice in case I need it. I dont feel very confortable with my english level, but I can handle it to comunicate or understand! Im from Argentina, I live in the North, we are in Summer here, and its extremely hot, nearly and...