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  1. Ron Strider

    Michigan Releases Emergency Medical Marijuana Rules

    Less than two weeks before medical marijuana facilities apply to do business in Michigan, the Department of Licensing and Regulatory Affairs has officially released the rules that will govern their operation. "The emergency administrative rules are designed to preserve patient protections...
  2. Dutch Priest

    Guts to go Dutch

    ...Jah Man ! :ganjamon: Live here in The Netherlands Plans to start a 'Buena Vista Social Marijuana Club;... We do have Freedom of Religion here in Nederland ~ with all Rituals to do 2 as a good Rasta Priest ~ :amen: xxx Hugs from Holland xxx en bedankt voor de...
  3. Icemud

    HB 975 - Respect State Marijuana Laws Act - Very Important To Pass!

    VERY IMPORTANT!!!! With all that is going on in politics, and the uncertainty of the direction of federal cannabis enforcement, along with AG Jeff Sessions comments about enforcing federal law, as well as this week Sean Spicers comments on the probability of enforcement... I encourage each...
  4. K

    PR: Drug War Has Been Lost, Continues Fight To Legalize Marijuana

    As minority senator next year, Popular Democratic Party Sen. Miguel Pereira said Friday he will continue to push for the approval of his bill that would legalize marihuana for recreational use in small portions and called for the development of a cannabis industry. Pereira proposed more than...
  5. R

    Thousands March In Support Of Marihuana Legalisation In Prague

    More than 5000 people took part in the 19th Million Marihuana March in support of the legalisation of marihuana in Prague on Saturday, according to the estimates of the organisers, and various events will be held on Letna Plain until this evening. The participants demand the legalisation of...
  6. R

    Advance Medical Marihuana Canada Starts Testing

    Advanced Medical Marihuana Canada will produce some test plots at the Kincardine hybrid greenhouse facility now that they have a license to grow. CEO Peter Herburger says that should take about 4 months, at which time they should receive a licence to sell. He says then they will plant the...
  7. R

    THC BioMed Granted Licence To Produce Medical Marihuana By Health Canada

    THC Biomed (CSE:THC), a company devoted to research, analysis and development with regards to medical cannabis, announced today that the company has been granted a license to produce medical marihuana under Health Canada's Marihuana for Medical Purposes Regulations. This license gives THC Biomed...
  8. J

    "Marihuana" Is a Legal Term! Very Important Info for Everyone

    In Title 21 of the United States Code (USC) also known as the "Controlled Substances Act" Section 802. Definitions the Code specifically defines the LEGAL TERM "marihuana": "Cannabis" is NOT defined in the ACT because it is the scientific name for a PLANT! The deceptions (and crimes) of the...
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