1. johnnystackz

    Johnnystackz's Second Grow: Dosipunch, Wet Betty, Molten Lava, White Linen, 3 Bears OG, Indoor 2020

    Welcome to Johnnystackz Second Grow! Welcome again everyone! So I have sprouted about 10 babies with 3 not germinating to well so here are 7 successful sprouts that I'm going to try to stay consistent with and make sure there is a good sight of daylight from the start. As of right now I have...
  2. B

    Plant leaves curling, lower ones turning yellow

    Hey fellers, i am here to ask for your help. Recently i had to move coz of some problems i had in my life due to which i think my plants are sad. I used very little bit of hydroponics and fed my plant only once after which it was growing very well. But when i had to move my house to a new...
  3. B

    Leaf turning white

    Hey my lil buddy is 4 weeks old, but yesterday i saw that his leaves started turning white. Few days ago they were yellow which I figured out was coz of less watering and higher ph, eventually i added lemon and started watering them daily. They looked pretty bless after then but then suddenly...
  4. Ydro93

    Abandoned Rare Grow?

    Good evening community! I planted 12 seeds about a week and a half ago after using the napkin method which worked great. I’m growing three different strains, majority of them are Lemon Cookies, then I have two Cookies & Dream, & the last one is Sour Grape. I planted them in plastic cups just...
  5. G0dsGift

    Abandoned CFL 6 Herbie's Autoflower Grow

    Lets start by saying I received my Michigan Medical Marijuana Card about a month ago and went straight to growing. I'm not rolling in the dough so this grow is starting out small and will be expanding as time goes on. Herbie's Strains: 2 pineapple express 1 green crack 1 gorilla glue 1 girl...
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