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    MCC Of Grand Rapids: Medical Marijuana Certification in Michigan

    MCC of Grand Rapids is hosting Michigan Certification Center 22 50th SW in Wyoming Michigan, just south of Grand Rapids. We are here to provide you with all necessary services to get your card and become legal for medical marihuana (marijuana). Our Doctors and staff are the most educated and...
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    Doctors for Arizona

    I'm new to the site and I have some questions. I have never smoked before, but we passes prop 203 in Arizona. It legalizes medical marijuana in Arizona. I'm 21 years old I have been diagnosed with a muscle myopathy I also have pain twenty four hours a day/seven days a week in my low back. Along...
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    Marijuana Movie

    Hi, I'm a filmmaker out here in Los Angeles. We made a film about outdoor marijuana growers WAY before CNBC's "Marijuana, Inc." See what it's like to live in the fields with Cannabis Caregivers and go through an entire 8 month grow season with them.
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