marijuana legalization

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    Hello everyone

    Hi everyone. I'm new to the 420 community but I have found it so useful already. Thanks for all the great posts full of useful information. The news articles are great because as we all know mainstream news just doesn't cover the issues. I live in a state where hopefully very soon marijuana will...
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    Utah's Biggest Fear About Marijuana Legalization Is Stoned Rabbits

    So far, opposition for a proposed medical marijuana bill has been qualified as nothing less than absurd. Topping the list of the most outrageous claims, DEA special agent, Matt Fairbanks, stated in testimony to the Utah Senate that “Reefer Madness” would cause the state’s wildlife to be stoned...
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    The next 8 states to legalize marijuana

    The next 8 states to legalize marijuana California The founding state of the medical marijuana program. Californians are expected to vote in legal marijuana for recreational use in 2016 with the help of the marijuana policy project. Florida This year amendment 2 was very successful...
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    Psychologist View On Legalization

    Hey all. I just knocked out college with a psychology degree and plan to get a business psychology degree for my masters program. There was a lot of discussion about marijuana use in our classes. Remember, professors are Doctors of psychology if they are teaching the subject so they have 10...
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