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  1. Ron Strider

    Mailchimp Woes Highlight Marketing Challenges For Marijuana Industry

    On Monday, a marijuana newsletter's account was temporarily suspended by the email marketing service Mailchimp. Like others who work in digital media, Shea Gunther gets antsy about missing deadlines. When the Monday edition of MJToday Daily failed to send, he discovered that the email service...
  2. Ron Strider

    Secrets Your Business Coach Never Told You About The Cannabis Industry

    The cannabis industry is this generation's version of the wild west. Instead of covered wagons and an Oregon Trail, intrepid entrepreneurs are diving headfirst into an industry that is evolving at the speed of light. The rapid pace of change is surprising, considering the product's...
  3. K

    CA: With Marijuana Going Legit, Marketing Blitz Takes A Hit

    Mention marijuana advertising to anyone who was alive in the 1970s, and you might draw out of them a famous Cheech and Chong jingle. "No stems, no seeds that you don't need," goes the ditty, "Acapulco Gold is" - cue sound of someone toking on a joint - "badass weed!" It was a joke at the...
  4. K

    A Big Shift Is Necessary To Successfully Market Cannabis To Minorities

    In the early 1900's when marijuana first came under heavy scrutiny by the governing bodies of the United States, it was rare to mention marijuana without mentioning minorities. It was after all, the new influx of Mexicans entering the USA that popularized the use of the plant for recreational...
  5. K

    A Look Inside The Fascinating Cannabis Branding And Marketing Boom

    For all the stereotypes about lazy, hapless stoners out there, those peddling green in states where recreational or medical marijuana use is legal sure know how to hustle. Make no mistake: the legal marijuana industry is booming, creating huge business opportunities and massive tax revenue...
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