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    Some white marks on the leaf - Please help

    Good day all it's my first grow the plant is in hes 4th week and it's showing this white marks on the bottom leafs Im growing in coco mix with pearllite and i'm using roa water with lights nutes Can anyone help me sort out this problem? Many thanks , i appreaciate
  2. M

    Old warehouse lights with no identifying marks

    Just bought two lights no identifying marks on them need to know is there any way to possibly test them to find out what wattage output they have and can I convert them from 220 to 110 power not looking to use them full time just as emergency light case my LEDs happen to go out or have problems...
  3. Teddy Edwards

    Dennis Howard Marks - August 13, 1945 - April 10, 2016

    'Mr Nice' Howard Marks dies aged 70 Howard Marks, who has died aged 70 of cancer, was Britain's best-known and most charming drugs smuggler, and also a successful author and raconteur. He translated a lifetime of international cannabis dealing and a long stretch in an American jail into a...
  4. R

    Security Is Tight At Modern Cannabis, Logan Square's First MMJ Dispensary

    Just two minutes before the Monday grand opening of Logan Square's first medical marijuana dispensary, co-owner Doug Marks steps out of the space's Milwaukee Avenue entrance. The entryway is easy to miss–the word "moca," short for Modern Cannabis, is stamped on the door in bright yellow, pink...