1. Katelyn Baker

    Meet The Mogul Bringing Great Weed Back To Jamaica

    Born and raised in Jamaica, Balram "Bali" Vaswani remembers the golden age of native ganja, famous for the Lamb's Bread strain beloved by Bob Marley. "That's really when Jamaica was kicking," Vaswani says. "We had great strains in the Seventies." Since then, Jamaican weed has fallen into...
  2. Katelyn Baker

    Damian Marley Is Transforming A California Prison Into A Marijuana Farm

    Damian Marley has partnered with Ocean Grown Extracts, a company that produces medical marijuana oils, to turn a former California State Prison into a cannabis farm that will supply state dispensaries, Billboard reports. The youngest Marley son purchased the Claremont Custody Center in...
  3. Katelyn Baker

    OR: Portland Dispensary Offering 'Bob Marley' Marijuana

    Portland, OR - Bob Marley fans can celebrate as two Oregon dispensaries are now carrying the official Marley Natural cannabis brand. The Nectar dispensaries in Portland and Eugene are both fully stocked with "Marley Natural" products, including four types of marijuana and oil and other hemp...
  4. R

    New Line Of Medical Marijuana Upsets People

    A line of Bob Marley weed hit dispensary shelves this weekend, and Jamaicans aren't happy about it. Marley Natural, a New York-based marijuana startup introduced a strain of medical marijuana branded after reggae icon Bob Marley. California dispensaries began stocking four strains of the bud...
  5. R

    Marley Natural Launch Ushers In The Era Of Celebrity Cannabis. Is It The Best Way?

    How fitting for Bob Marley's birthday. On Saturday, with a celebrity-studded party in the Hollywood Hills and glitzy marketing events at Los Angeles dispensaries, Marley Natural, the so-called first global cannabis brand, will launch its first product lines at medical marijuana shops in...
  6. T

    Hello Everyone

    Hello all, My name is TwoBlunt Marley
  7. O

    Completed Organic Matters - Indoor - SCROG - Lambs Bread x Colombian Gold

    Hello everybody and welcome to my little grow journal. :Namaste: Finaly I can get this journal going! I only planted one seed and I wanted to wait with the journal until I knew the sex. And would you believe it, it's a girl! Wohoo :cheer2: What strain is it? Lambsbread x Colombian Gold...
  8. LostMarley

    New guy on Campus

    High family! I'm just introducing myself as a cool weed smoker. I'm in the process of trying to grow mary j for the first time and am open to any suggestions. Other than that i'm here to rub elbows with fellow smokers, been smoking 6 years strong, its kinda in the family lol. Hit me...
  9. 420

    Bob Marley Smoking Weed

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