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mars hydro 1200

  1. NavNurs

    Pak Chit Kush, Kandy Kush, GDP & Ghost Train Haze 3x3 With 1200W LED In Soil

    Folks, I'm on my 4th grow (at 5 wks Veg) with 4 strains and thought I'd add another journal to this amazing site! I've been watching/learning and hope to avoid some errors of the past (Said by no one else, ever). Grow #1 had a small light = airy buds, #2 overwatered/over fed and #3, I watered...
  2. S

    Grow 3 - 10 Recent Auto Strains - LEDs Mars Hydro II 1200 - Box 120x120/4x4

    Project for 1 grow session Organic goes without saying. It is even "almost vegan". Fast Buds (Auto) California Snow, Fast Buds (Auto) West Coast Og, Fast Buds (Auto) Girl Scout Cookies, Fast Buds (Auto) Mexican Airline (gift pack) Sweet Seeds Cream Mandarine XL Auto, Sweet Seeds Jack...