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mars hydro 300

  1. 4A3FC4E8-1CF7-4D28-806D-01BD3B5620CB.jpeg


    Cherry bomb getting to big already lol
  2. 61CFE3BA-3C56-4FA2-B9A5-3F1727B555ED.jpeg


    And my veg tent Biggest girl far back right -cherry bomb 25 from seed . Rough start but bounce back . Beside cherry bomb is purple monkey balls day 3 veg I’m calling it . Beside that is newest Dutch delight and dr incredible bulk . Day 3 since put in cup . Slow start but I got this . Up front...
  3. F883963C-D8AA-45C5-B2BA-236F7BAC699C.jpeg


    3x3x6.5 veg tent. Includes: 2 x purple monkey balls , 2 x whitewidow x Alaskan thunder fuck , 1 x cherry bomb by bomb seeds temps 79-81f. Rh around 70-80% 1 x 12 inch oscillating fan
  4. 484832D7-4556-4CC3-ABB9-BD09F4FC8B83.jpeg


    Northern lights auto before feeding tonight
  5. 1820D57E-6A58-4B1D-B847-36C6919A8D34.jpeg


    Starting to stack around week theee flower
  6. 7E776B77-0978-42AD-AC60-2311D44AA593.jpeg


    OGC week 3 flower
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    More OGC
  9. 99195268-7F58-4B35-BFE6-3193D8B44E95.jpeg


    OGC doing very well in mars hydro 300 tent
  10. S

    5 Strain Auto Grow

    Hello Following on from my first grow of 2 blue treacle auto in a cupboard with cfl, results were not great, about 1 and half oz from the pair. I am upgrading my kit and moving to the attic. I have 1 seed of blue treacle auto, 1 bubble kush auto and 2 critical auto. I have ordered a 120cm...
  11. Isazam01

    Indoor Grow - 300W Mars - GH Flora Series/Botanicare Pure Blend Pro - 1st Time Grow

    Hello guys i started my first grow a months ago for personal use and a little money saver with some seeds that came on my medical cannabis its my very first time i really like somking weed and enjoy and now i really enjoy this about growing and i want to get more into it iam excited lol iam...
  12. F

    Folfy's Seedsman Lowryder 2 - MarsHydro Mars300 LED - Single Plant

    This is my very first Cannabis grow, and im still very new to growing...well anything. Bought seed from Seedsman and planted in Fox farm's Ocean forest soil in the late fall to simulate rougher conditions. To be honest im still very brown in my growing experience as i only started herbal growing...
  13. W

    My 1st Indoor Grow Using Mars 300 LED

    Hi all. Im new to here. Just trying to find my way around. I thought I'd try make a grow journal, so here goes... I started 2 bag seed around 3 weeks ago, in soil/compost, with a mars 300 led. 1 was lemon haze which sadly passed away, think was nute burn from the first compost/soil medium, the...