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  1. FC 3000 and a thriving flower canopy

    FC 3000 and a thriving flower canopy

  2. FC3000 depth of penetration

    FC3000 depth of penetration

  3. FC3000 and an uneven canopy

    FC3000 and an uneven canopy

    No problems!
  4. Up close and personal

    Up close and personal

  5. Gardening under lights

    Gardening under lights

    Mars Hydro FC3000
  6. Looking up at Mars

    Looking up at Mars

  7. Casting a Martian shadow

    Casting a Martian shadow

    Les fleurs under the fc3000
  8. Sticky fingaz

    Sticky Fingaz Getting Sticky With Green Gelato 'RQS' - Grow Journal

    :circle-of-love: NEW JOURNAL COMING SOON :circle-of-love: Hey fellow growers! Hope everyone's doing well & having an awesome 2021. Some absolute knock out grow's & journal's going at the moment. I wish everyone success with all your project's. :55: As...
  9. Schnookie

    Schnookie's Mars Hydro TS-600: Sprout, Veg, Auto 2x2

    HEY y'all I finally got the 2x2 tent out of the closet and set up for preparing new plants and keeping the lights on longer for autos. It's obviously not huge so only a few plants at a time, but this works as the 32" tent then becomes my flower tent solely which is what I had planned before...
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