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mars hydro cup

  1. J

    Jd's 1st Grow Journal - MarsHydro Cup 3 Entry

    Been at this a few 24 hours thought I would try My hand at a Journal and enter the Mars-Hydro cup at the same time. Titan Controls Oceanus 1, 12 site Ebb and Flow with a 55 gal Res Res contains 1 disk air-stone and a 150gph pump for circulation. Nutes: General Hydro Grow and Micro 1/8th...
  2. Darkscotia

    Darkscotia - 2nd LED Mars Journal - 3 Royal Queen Blue Mystic Sunshine - 4.4x4x6 Tent

    Hello everyone and welcome to darkscotia 2nd led journal. This journal will be entered into mars hydro cup. Still very new to led growing so all advise and any comments are welcome. To start the new year I've decided to start with only 3 fem blue mystic seeds from royal queen seeds. Wanted to...