mars-hydro sun series

  1. UncleCannabis

    Completed UncleC's Ganja Grove - Organic Soil - LED - SOG - La Chocolat/Vanilla Kush/LSD/GSC

    UncleC's Ganja Grove - Organic Soil/LED/SOG - La Chocolat/Vanilla Kush/LSD/GSC Hello 420 friends. I’m Uncle Cannabis AKA UncleC (not my real name of course) and welcome to my grow journal. Before we get started..…first things first……This journal is intended for entertainment use only and is...
  2. UncleCannabis

    Abandoned UncleCannabis' Ganja Grove - 1st Grow with Mars Sun Series - Indoor Organic Soil Grow

    Welcome to my first journal :420: members. The purpose of this journal is to highlight and review the performance of the new Sun Series LED lights from Mars-Hydro only. **DO NOT TRY THIS AT HOME. READ ON AT YOUR OWN RISK. NOT FOR VIEWERS AGED UNDER 18 YEARS. FOR ENTERTAINMENT PURPOSES...
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