mars hydro ts1000

  1. HPS Only

    HPS Test Mars Hydro TS1000 Grow Tent Kit

    Hi friends, farmers, stoners, growers and all undercovers. Today the #marshydrogrowkit from @Mars Hydro has arrive. While I wait for the fresh seeds, I mount 90%of the kit (havent installed the carbon filter and the exhaust fan - as it's nothing yet inside, lol) First impression, pics and...
  2. Verbalist

    DWC & Soil: Verb's Purple Puncher Autos, Mars Hydro TS 1000

    :420: Verbalist ”Comparison grow” ~ Coco VS. Hydro VS. Soil ~ A quick introduction: Will be testing all three different ”standard growing mediums” with two different strains. Also this is my first actual grow using DWC, so a lot will be learned during this process. Also would like to thank...
  3. 00E9EEAF-CDEB-4070-ACB2-4A0CEE1461FF.jpeg


    3 x Skywalker OG 3 x Big Bud 2020 Harvest
  4. Azsmoker420

    Lux meter

    How do you use a lux meter for growing canabis indoors? I'm using mars hydro ts1000 and I want to make sure I'm at the correct distance from my seeds to harvest on my next grow.
  5. BubbleBucketz

    Growing Under Mars Hydro: Jelly Biscuit & Double Tap From Solfire

    Starting a new round of seeds and what better way to do it then with a new journal. I will be featuring a few different Mars-Hydro lights in this grow. Starting from the TS-1000 and working my way up through the different series of lights in various stages of growth. TS-1000 for seedlings and...
  6. Raymond Reddington

    Lumii 315w vs marshydro ts1000. Please help

    Sup Growers✌️ Ok guys i have a 80x80x200cm tent. Its currently running with a marshydro sp150. My grow seems very slow. So my qeustion is, what will be the best option between the lumii cdm 315w or the mars hydro ts1000. Please give me some advice. Im in south africa so this is the lights i...
  7. received_364577484464221.jpeg


    Days 23 of 12\12
  8. Blinkflag

    Semi Newbie First LED Grow With Coco

    Hi Guys, :welcome: This is going to be my first grow using LED lights and coco coir/perlite 50/50 as a medium. Any advice or Info along the way is much appreciated! :thumb: My Setup: 1m x 1m x 1.8m Mylar Tent 4" Intake fan which is fed through the bottom duct hole 4" RAM Inline mixed flow...
  9. Four Whoberry Haze and two Debilitator Kush

    Four Whoberry Haze and two Debilitator Kush

    First run under new Mars Hydro TS 1000
  10. Mootah

    Mootah's Second Grow, Featuring Debilitator Kush & Whoberry Haze #1

    Welcome to my second grow here at 420 Magazine. I will be growing Debilitator Kush and Whoberry Haze #1 . Debilitator Kush is the work of a close friend , he has been growing and breeding since the 70's. Her lineage is Champagne x San Fernando Valley Kush. Whoberry Haze #1 is my cross of Blue...
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