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mars hydro tsl2000

  1. Sour Tangie under Mars Hydro TSL 2000

    Sour Tangie under Mars Hydro TSL 2000

    Dimmed light for picture
  2. Mars Hydro TSL2000

    Mars Hydro TSL2000

    Under view of the Mars TSL 2000 in full power
  3. Veg closit

    Veg closit

    Sour tangie and super chernobyl
  4. TegridyGrower

    2 Utopia Haze Plants In Coco Under LED - SCrOG

    Welcome to my micro garden! Currently I am growing 2 Barneys Farm Utopia Haze plants. I'm a new member here, but I posted a little bit of background information about myself here: Hello 420 community! So this journal starts at week 16 (week 7 of flower) and I expect to be harvesting around the...
  5. S

    Sherm’s Auto Amnesia Haze & Auto Diesel Organic Mars Hydro Grow

    Hello everyone! I got my seeds yesterday & I am looking to get started here with my girst grow & journal! I have been creeping around the forums here for over 10 years now... Unfortunately I rarely logged in or contributed, but all that is changing tonight. I have had the amazing opportunity of...
  6. IMG_20200728_225339.jpg


    Meep meep CSI Humboldt two gal of water per day .10 gal pot farbric pot .
  7. IMG_20200728_225356.jpg


    Platinum garlic by in house genetics come on super cropped branches they were very thirsty two gal of tap water per day .
  8. DreamingTrees7

    DT’s Garden Of Pounds In Soil

    What’s up 420 magazine. I’m excited to start a fresh new journal with a brand new light and top notch seeds. My Set up Seeds- Dr seeds feminized Gorilla Alien, LSD, and Jacks girl Dirt- Happy frog Light- TSL 2000 watt Tent- 2x4x5 Air- 400 cfm centrifugal in-line fan w/ ducts 2x clip fans...
  9. IMG_20200303_202417.jpg


    Blueberry week something after 12 lol going to chop this Friday no matter what .should be good sleepy meds I hope.
  10. IMG_20200301_192150.jpg


    Bruce banger smoking the bb2 tonight wow. Very nice seedsman !!
  11. IMG_20200301_112729.jpg


    Pink kush by Barneys farm starting to chop and put in fridge . So excited to taste this baby got 92 wet in fridge to be continued have to paint .lol
  12. IMG_20200228_210335.jpg


    Pink kush in dark for 25 to ight hung and chopped week 11. flower.
  13. IMG_20200207_000614.jpg


    Bruce banger she is juicy dense dank beautiful buds. Every bag had at least a 12-15 gram bud in it lol
  14. IMG_20200204_202018.jpg


    Bruce banger fem big shot before the axe
  15. IMG_20200101_221332.jpg


    Where are the shades .. Need to find out if I can mount a driver out of tent would help huge .
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