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mars hydro tsl2000

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    Meep meep CSI Humboldt two gal of water per day .10 gal pot farbric pot .
  2. IMG_20200728_225356.jpg


    Platinum garlic by in house genetics come on super cropped branches they were very thirsty two gal of tap water per day .
  3. DreamingTrees7

    DT’s Garden Of Pounds In Soil

    What’s up 420 magazine. I’m excited to start a fresh new journal with a brand new light and top notch seeds. My Set up Seeds- Dr seeds feminized Gorilla Alien, LSD, and Jacks girl Dirt- Happy frog Light- TSL 2000 watt Tent- 2x4x5 Air- 400 cfm centrifugal in-line fan w/ ducts 2x clip fans...
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    Blueberry week something after 12 lol going to chop this Friday no matter what .should be good sleepy meds I hope.
  5. IMG_20200301_192150.jpg


    Bruce banger smoking the bb2 tonight wow. Very nice seedsman !!
  6. IMG_20200301_112729.jpg


    Pink kush by Barneys farm starting to chop and put in fridge . So excited to taste this baby got 92 wet in fridge to be continued have to paint .lol
  7. IMG_20200228_210335.jpg


    Pink kush in dark for 25 to ight hung and chopped week 11. flower.
  8. IMG_20200207_000614.jpg


    Bruce banger she is juicy dense dank beautiful buds. Every bag had at least a 12-15 gram bud in it lol
  9. IMG_20200204_202018.jpg


    Bruce banger fem big shot before the axe
  10. IMG_20200101_221332.jpg


    Where are the shades .. Need to find out if I can mount a driver out of tent would help huge .
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