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mars ii 1200watt

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    White Widow - LED - DWC - Journal

    6 cropking(ck) white widow, 6 greenhouse white widow, 1 ck candycane auto 4 ck dwarf lowflyers (sprouted jan.2-6) *note* don't mix seeds next time:( SETUP; 240 gallon dwc built like a wooden concrete form with 6m polly, net pots & hydroton, topdrip, 18 airstones, blackdog...
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    DFZ's - Soil - 4X4 - Mars II 1200 Watt LED - Multi-Strain Grow

    I'm making the switch from DE HPS to LED, and I've been wanting to join this community so I figured now's the best time. :high-five: I did a little research on LED and watched comparison videos on different LEDs and companies and found Mars Hydro to be the best bang for the buck. So I cashed...