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mars ii 700 watt

  1. R

    Which beans for indoor 32"X 32" tent with Mars II 700

    Hey team. This is my first indoor grow, with modern technology, and I'm wondering how I should set up this soil grow with my 32x32x64 tent (inches) and my Mars II 700. I ordered seeds, some auto and some not, most come from CKS. Anyway, the dilemma is which plants to plant where. (As an...
  2. ChefDGreen

    ChefD's Closet - Short Rider AutoFem - 700W Mars2 - FFTrio - Organic Potting

    Alright Folks here goes nothin', :3: My seeds from Nirvana have arrived after about 13 days from the day shipped. I ordered Short Rider Auto-flowering Feminized seeds x5. Nirvana Short Rider is a hybrid of the discontinued marijuana strains Top 44 and Early Special. Top 44 has long been a trade...
  3. C

    ColoradoKid Soil Autoflowers - White Widow - Critical Jack - Auto Jack 2014

    Well, here I go again. I have never done a journal before. So this will be a different experience for me. So it will be interesting to see how it goes. What strain is it? 1 White Widow, 1 Critical Jack, 2 Auto Jacks, and 1 seed that had been hiding in...
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