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mars ii 900w

  1. Z

    Mars II 900watt LED questions

    Im putting together my first grow room and im looking into lighting. I originally was going to go with a 1000 watt MH and HPS bulb but have gotten pulled into the direction of LED. I think I have made my selection. The Mars II 900 watt led. Only thing is it only pulls 400-450 watts from the wall...
  2. Atlien0079

    700/900 Watt Mars Hydro - Double 3x3 Tent - OG Kush - Chocolope - Urkle - NLxBB

    Welcome to my Thread this first section is just an introduction before I get into my new grow!!! :welcome: I am a new member who has been reading these forums for months now and decided to join last month. I have successfully completed 1 harvest in my spare bedroom closet. The 2 clones given...
  3. Snoop429

    Snoop429 Super Awesome 420 Soilless - Big Bang Auto - Mars 900W - Virgin Grow

    Hello 420, Welcome to my first journal. I'm glad to have anyone join in and enjoy this journey. There are a few things I plan in accomplishing over the next 8-9 weeks. Completing this grow journal is one of them so enjoy the ride. -Make it to the end of this grow in one piece -Learn...
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