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    LED lights for new grow room

    I have been trying to figure out the best solution for LED Grow lights. My space with be about 9.5 x 6.5 x 8. I am planning on have 6 plants and growing them with LST and topping in soil. (Maybe coco coir) I have read a bunch about Mars 2 lights. But just confused as to how many watts i...
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    Is LED legit or do I stick with a T5 system for veg?

    Good evening everyone! I am new to the forum and look forward to working with you all throughout my upcoming grow!! Although I am new to T5 and LED, I am not new to growing (I grow deep water culture). I have been doing a lot of reading regarding LED or T5 for my veg cycle, and to be honest, I...
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    Tabor's First LED

    Hi everyone! This is my first ever grow and I am incredibly excited about the process and learning as much as I can by reading everything on the forum. If I end up with any usable product at the end of my grow I'll be pleased. What strain is it? 2x bubblelicious, 1x AK48, 1x mystery...
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    Here's a coupon code for Mars hydro website

    Mars Hydro LED - the Best Solutions for Horticulture and Indoor Plants It's a very small percentage off, but hey it's something! :) promo code: COFINEST Happy Growing! :green_heart:
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    2'/3'/6' which MarsHydro LED

    hi everyone, i made the decision to go LED. i am currently running a 250watt HPS/MH in a 2' deep, 3' width and 6' high grow tent. i think the best LED lamp for my money would be the Reflector LED Grow Light 144x3W from MARS HYDRO. but the coverage is a bit bigger than what i have. would it be...
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    JakeWilde - LED - Soil - 2 Photo Period OPs - Toxic Ripper - Kera Cherry Grapefruit

    Hello again my fellow growers! I posted my first journal a couple harvests back and I have had enormous luck since then due to these forums and the education I have received. I have been gradually upgrading my 2 grow systems and I'm really happy with the set up now. These two ops will be 2...
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