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  1. W

    Mars2 replacement LED?

    hi ive been running 2*mars2 900 for the past 3yrs, over the last yr Ive been losing leds and just recently I lost a third of the panel in one go. The lights have been supplemented with a hps 400 set on a thermostat. prior to using the hps i found my buds lacked volume. The hps seemed to rectify...
  2. O

    Light advice please!

    So, I have just acquired a new tent. Twice the size of my current 2x2. Currently I run a Mars2 400 watt and have had pretty decent success. I want to stay with LED in the new set up and am currently shopping. I like the idea of running 2 Mars2 400's in the new 2x4 but really am torn. I like the...
  3. lexblaze

    CBD Crew Medihaze & Dinafem/CBD Crew Critical Mass - Mars2 LED

    Howzit everyone? I'm back again trying to hone my medical cannabis skills. I usually keep it short and sweet and would like to thank everyone who had previously stopped by my previous grow journals. Today is a new beginning! So welcome once again.. and lets take this journey for the next 6-7...
  4. arellanobrian

    Mars 2 LED Beginners Grow - FFOF - DWC

    First journal on this forum and cant be happier with the way this community seems to treat new growers. This journal is more for personal record then anything. That being said anyone out there that would like to check the grow out is welcome to contribute and comment :thumb:. So this is my...
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