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    My clothes dryer for stealth cab?

    So here's what I'm looking at; my old Kelvinator clothes dryer took a dump and repair isn't really an option because of its age. Wife says it will save electricity if we hang dry, so I got this dryer with 2*2*3 ft plus of useable room and it is screaming stealth grow..... I want to use this...
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    Some interesting genetics and my new apartment friendly stealth ideas

    After being shut down for about a year now I am getting geared up for a fresh grow. In the last year I have acquired some interesting genetics. The source of my seeds is a very reputable local breeder, however these seeds are all F1 accidents (guy lost his job). They are what happen when some...
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    Advice for DIY COB?

    I want to get into building my own light! I currently own a Mars300, but I want to try to build something myself and use the Mars300 for additional lighting. So far I keep hearing the CXB3590 COB's from Cree are the ones worth buying. I want to buy 2, can I just buy a couple 3500k ones and...