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marshydro ts 1000

  1. Black Peruvian Diesel

    Black Peruvian Diesel

    Growing faster!
  2. Black Peruvian Diesel netted

    Black Peruvian Diesel netted

    Two Black Peruvian Diesel, net recently installed. Under two Mars Hydro TS1000 led panels.
  3. Looking happy!

    Looking happy!

    Two Black Peruvian Diesel under a pair of TS1000s from Mars Hydro
  4. Two Black Peruvian Diesel under Mars Hydro TS1000

    Two Black Peruvian Diesel under Mars Hydro TS1000

    Mars Hydro LED and my Black Peruvian Diesel! Gonna be very stimulating!
  5. HugePeckerhead

    White Widows Grow Under Mars-Hydro TS1000 Using FFOF

    What strain is it? White Widow By Nirvana Is it in Veg or Flower stage? Veg If in Veg... For how long? July 11th was Germ Date Indoor or outdoor? Indoor Soil or Hydro? Soil If soil... what is in your mix? Fox Farm Ocean Forest If soil... What size pot? One gallon Size of light? Mars Hydro TS...
  6. HugePeckerhead

    First Time Grow & First Journal: 3 Unknown Same Strain LED Grow

    Hi there everyone. I'm about a week on this site from today. I came across it one day when I was researching some answers about a plant I had growing. A friend of mine gave me a few seeds one day so I figured why not try growing it somewhere and check on them every so often outside. Being in a...
  7. Whoberry Haze #1

    Whoberry Haze #1

    Dense,sweet,sticky,aromatic blueberry and maple syrup, Whoberry Haze #1 is my cross of Blue Haze and Dr. Who. One joint picks me up , second joint sets me down , good nausea relief, pain relief too,makes me hungry,music and movie enjoyment improved. She is revegging now, thinking of selfing her.
  8. GypsyGirl420

    My Babies

    My Baby. Our Forbidden Fruit girl is under a Mars Hydro ts 1000 watt lamps in our beautiful tent. Every one we put in here just goes crazy!
  9. Two headed!

    Two headed!

    Sometimes strange mutations occur . This is one of my projects , Black Durban Poison x Sour Diesel x Peruvian #1
  10. Whoberry Haze top

    Whoberry Haze top

    Week four top
  11. Whoberry Haze topped

    Whoberry Haze topped

    This one was topped, Week four
  12. Group hug

    Group hug

    Debilitator Kush, Whoberry Haze week four
  13. Whoberry Haze #1

    Whoberry Haze #1

    Week four
  14. Debilitator Kush cola

    Debilitator Kush cola

    Four weeks of flowering ,making towers
  15. Two days from four weeks flowering

    Two days from four weeks flowering

    Debilitator Kush and Whoberry Haze
  16. Even canopy

    Even canopy

    Debilitator Kush and Whoberry Haze at week three of flowering
  17. Happy zone

    Happy zone

    Good temp and humidity
  18. Whoberry Haze #1 leaf

    Whoberry Haze #1 leaf

    Large fan leaf at three weeks of flower
  19. Debilitator Kush cola on the way

    Debilitator Kush cola on the way

    Debilitator Kush Christmas tree style
  20. Two Whoberry Haze #1

    Two Whoberry Haze #1

    Feeding day
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