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  1. SmokeSara

    Giveaway: Mars Hydro FC 3000 Samsung lm301 LED

    Hello 420 magazine members~ :love: Do you want to test mars hydro new light - FC3000 led grow light? Here comes the chance for every one now.:55: Pls follow up the below rules to go right way: 1. You will post at least 3 real plants grow photos/videos and show mars hydro light. (mars Hydro...
  2. SmokeSara

    Mars Hydro Led & Tent Grow Journals Collection

    In 420 magazines, there are a lot of users using Mars Hydro LEDs and tent to growing and write Grow Journal Here. This thread is for growers to share their journals, If you're curious about what Mars Hydro's lights can produce, this thread can also give you an answer ;) I will update the grow...
  3. C

    Nute burn? How to fix it, first grow

    Hey guys, I think I have nutrient burn. I was watering with low ec/ph’d water at first, but then I made a mixture of nutrients based on instructions from dr coco. I currently water with low EC(45, Tap water) PH’d water since I noticed the burn yesterday. Should I flush it as well until the...
  4. Tent Setup - June 10th 2020

    Tent Setup - June 10th 2020

    - Fusion Hut 1.75x3x5 Grow Tent - Mars Hydro Ts600
  5. SmokeSara

    Mars Hydro SP3000 LED Full Spectrum With lm301b Released, Giveaway Starts Now!

    What's up guys~ I know a lot of people are waiting for it :55: Mars Hydro SP3000 LED is coming now!!! Now the official website is open for preorder:love:, below is the link, please don't forget to use the discount code "420magazine":Namaste: Mars Hydro SP3000 Order Link...
  6. SmokeSara

    Mars Hydro New Full Spectrum LED Giveaway: SP3000!

    Hello everyone! :ciao: As early as two months ago, people kept asking me what the new Mars Hydro new light was. I'm sure you're looking forward to it. Today we're announcing our first new light - SP3000 :55: What does SP3000 look like?:hmmmm: In fact, if you look at it from the shape, it's...
  7. blvck v2

    Purple Kush & Thai Stick Feminised, LED 300W, Soil, 3rd Grow

    Hi stoners & growers around the world :Namaste: :welcome: Back in March 2015, I started my second grow and my first grow journal with a Northern Light Auto from Royal Queen Seeds. Here is my previous completed journal...
  8. Queen Mary

    Queen Mary

    RQS Special Queen #1
  9. Comparison top view

    Comparison top view

    Left Giixer right Mars Hydro TS1000
  10. Comparison side view

    Comparison side view

    Left Giixer right Mars Hydro TS1000
  11. S

    Better light?

    Hello I am going to be buying a new light in next few month or so and have been looking. I was wanting to know your guys take on these 2 lights; - Cree CXB 3590 LED COB Grow Light 120 Watts and - Mars Hydro TSW2000. My tent is 80cm x 80cm or 2.6' x 2.6'. I aim for best gram per watt, both...
  12. Amadeus Forzin

    A Moderator's Journal

    A Moderators Journal Hi everybody, Hope all is well in your world. This message is to inform you that I am starting a new journal for the new year and this is what i have going on. Veg Space My veg space is a 2.5x2.5x2ft cupboard. Its powered by a 2ft 4 tube T5 fixture kicking out total...
  13. zZcommandoZz

    Mimosa Breath x Orange Apricot Mac & Our 2 Clones, Strain Unknown: ZZcommandoZz 2019

    Hey Welcome to my second grow of the the year of 2019 here is the list of my grow setup Tent: Vivosun 4x2 Light: MarsHydrow Eco 120 600w Soil: FoxFarms Ocean Forest Potting soil Nutrients: Nectar for the Gods Clones have doing well they just started to pop there 5 leaves and the Mimosa Breath...
  14. Mars Hydro

    Mars Hydro

    Mars Hydro TSL-2000
  15. The Marsian sky

    The Marsian sky

    Thru the canopy
  16. Marsian Aurora Borealis and CREAM

    Marsian Aurora Borealis and CREAM

    Mars Hydro grow
  17. Queen Mary's new home

    Queen Mary's new home

    New home
  18. Marsian group shot

    Marsian group shot

    Under my Mars Hydro TSL-2000
  19. Queen Mary

    Queen Mary

    Marsian Queen Mary
  20. What do you grow with?

    What do you grow with?

    Mars Hydro LED Grow
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