1. Original Cheese

    Original Cheese

    Big Buddha Original Cheese
  2. Original Cheese nug

    Original Cheese nug

    With flash
  3. Purple Dick

    Purple Dick

    Purple Dick day 70 from flip
  4. 7Dust2

    7Dust2- FCE4800 MarsHydro-Product Review

    Product Review FCE 4800 MarsHyrdo @MarsHydro @7Dust2 Website MARS WEBSITE Whether you're an experienced plant gyro or a gardening newbie, light is always on our minds. . Your little green friends deserve some sunshine! The easiest way to remedy this is with a good grow light, and no matter your...
  5. Godfather OG

    Godfather OG

    Day 74 flower. Godfather OG from @weedseedsexpress. Grown in a 2.5 litre perlite hempy bucket topped with clay pebbles.
  6. Godfather OG

    Godfather OG

    Day 74 flower. Godfather OG from @weedseedsexpress. Grown in a 2.5 litre perlite hempy bucket topped with clay pebbles.
  7. Mikedin

    What's up everyone!

    A bit about myself Current grow is 6x autos under a FC-E8000 this my 2nd grow and am having a blast, about a month into the current run and just starting preflower on some and final stretch on some others before they follow suit Yes I’m crazy and cut a brand new @Mars Hydro in half to switch...
  8. Full tent

    Full tent

    Day 22 flower. Skunk, Pungent Skunk, Godfather OG, Platinum Cookies, Medical 1:1.
  9. Venturisix

    Venturi's Pineapple Express Summer DWC

    Alrighty folks Venturi is back at it! I was going to take some more time off pre grow but I got some seeds in, made another order due to it being 15% off the second go around… so I’ve got some master og and some afghan seeds en route. Second (full) grow here and my first run using a scrog net...
  10. Moony

    Mars Hydro FC8000 Quick Unboxing And Setup Video!

    Hey everyone! I recently won the contest from @Mars Hydro for the monster light the FC8000. I wanted to do a quick video showing the light boxed then in bits then built and on. It's not in a tent yet but will be soon. Thanks again @Mars Hydro for this beautiful light and thank you to the 420...
  11. Heavenly Hybrid

    Completed Double H: Second Grow With MarsHydro, SP3000 Over Three Autos

    Hello again my grow buddies! After a little grow break, I’m ready to get started again and power up the MarsHydro SP3000 tent. :Rasta: This time I’ll be growing three autos: Jack Herer, OG Kush, and Mandarin Cream XL. Now if you followed my last Mars grow, you might remember that I already...
  12. Runtz

    Cherry Gar See-Ya Feminised Ethos 1st Ever Grow

    Hello everyone This isn't going to be too wordy but I've recently fallen in love with horticulture and thought why not keep a diary of my first grow, nothing too fancy I'm just starting with 1 small plant mixed in with some ACTUAL Vegetables! (Pear Drop Cherry Tomatoes & Sweet Peppers) I...
  13. Emilya Green

    Completed 420 Magazine's Official Girl Scout Cookies Comparative Grow By Emilya

    According to the tracking information, I will have a FedEx package at my door this afternoon, so I am going to get this journal started now, so that I have a place to post the picture of the package as it arrives. Here is the traditional start of a journal picture of the finished product that I...
  14. Heavenly Hybrid

    Completed Double H & MarsHydro Sponsored Journal: Perseverance

    Greeting! It’s 4/20 and what better way to celebrate, than to start up my first sponsored journal with @Mars Hydro!! They have very graciously supplied me with the SP3000, and I couldn’t be any more excited to try this sweet baby out! :cheesygrinsmiley: A huge thank you @Mars Hydro :thanks: I’m...
  15. Mars Hydro

    2021 New Arrival: Mars Hydro FC-E LED Grow Lights Release

    In 2020, we have released FC series; and now in 2021, we’re releasing FC-E series as our new product this year. These new series have a similar name to FC series, but of course, there are differences. Will they perform well as FC series do? We know that the following points play a decisive...
  16. Skunksta

    New light

    Ok so had to grab a different light. Cost £589. ordered weds came today. packed well. bought from uk site. Here are a few pics , if you want to see some results my journal will be flowering under this light. So far so good cant moan at all , lets see what it can do you will get an honest op...
  17. EB8378FD-C38E-4ECE-8081-B32C2D9C74F9.jpeg


    Let the flowers commence Big Bud Fem. 4x4 Tent 2 x TS1000 MarsHydro Lights
  18. Mars Hydro

    Mars Hydro Growing Journal Contest 2021: Win SP6500 LED!

    Hey, my dear Mars Hydro led growers! The exciting moment now! Mars Hydro contest here, win free light-SP 6500! :green_heart: Contest Time: 8th Jan - 8th March Participate Rules: 1.Open a new thread on 420magazine forum to record your grow journal with Mars Hydro light. 2.Title format should...
  19. Farthestnorth

    Auto Flower Power: Berry Blue, Gorilla Glue, Cream Cookies, Afghan Kush, Amnesia Haze

    (EQUIPMENT) Mars Hydro 4X4 Tent 3 Gallon Fabric pots Mars Hydro FC4800 Light (SOIL) HP Pro Mix Living Organic Soil Black Gold Seedling Mix (NUTRIENTS) Compost Teas Molasses General Organics Go Box General Organics CalMg (SEEDS) All Autoflower Seeds 420 Fast Buds: Cream Cookies 420 Fast Buds...
  20. 00E9EEAF-CDEB-4070-ACB2-4A0CEE1461FF.jpeg


    3 x Skywalker OG 3 x Big Bud 2020 Harvest
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