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  2. J

    Mars Hydro?

    hey guys, hope everyones going sweet out there :) Im definitely not new to the outdoor grow but totally new to the indoor grow and looking between a mars hydro 96 reflector or a mars hydro mars II 400. is there any recommendations to either of these? i don't want to get to technical for my...
  3. arellanobrian

    MarsHydro Perpetual Grow - Multi-Strain - Coco - Grow

    Hello everyone and welcome to my new grow journal, I took a small break from making a journals as i was getting used to my new location but im back on track. I decided to just make one continuous journal as i hate having to manage multiple if i do different experiments that dont go with the...
  4. Ogiesel

    High Pressure Aeroponic Grow

    Greetings to everybody here at 420Mag. Ogiesel here! First time poster on this site, I normally use Canabis boards but it's gotten pretty out of control over there so I've decided I'll start a new account somewhere else & wound up here. I'm currently in the middle of my first HP aero grow, two...
  5. 420Amard

    Spart's - Mars Hydro 400W - Mainline Run

    Ok so going to start this grow off with a :Namaste: Then I'm gonna fill ya in on what exactly is going on this time grow. I'm planning on doing a 2 plant mainline in my 60cm x 60cm tent. Using my Mars Series 2 400w hopefully will be getting another tent to go along side this one. Anyways...
  6. D

    Please help recommend a suitable LED

    Hi Guys, I'm Dave and I'm a noob to growing. I was researching LED's when I came across the wealth of information in this forum. After reading a few threads I thought that this would be a friendly place for me to learn more about the new hobby. I found it particularly difficult finding...
  7. borealisdream

    Alaska Commercial Grow Setup

    Hey All, I would like to pick some brains for ideas... I am setting up a limited-commercial grow (500 square feet) in Alaska, yay... we're legal now!!! Anyway, I am going to use (2) 40' insulated high cube containers as my grow space. I am planning to plant Autos in one container using a DWC...
  8. I like Cheese

    Lighting for my grow

    Hi Guys It's been awhile but, now my season is starting again. I am vegging 2 power plant and 2 bubble gum under a MarsHydro Reflector 300w which I bought last year and everything is going to plan, things look good. For my flowering I am going to use a 1 square meter and 2 meter high tent...
  9. G

    LED heat problems

    Anyone having problems with theese lights increasing room temps? I just set mine up and am getting 10-15 degrees hotter in my room.. Not too bad now but when temps hit 100+ it could be a little scary Just wondering how people are dealing with not being able to exhaust the heat produced by...
  10. O

    Micro MarsHydro LED & CFL input needed

    Hi 420 :35: I need some advice, if possible. I have been using cfls on a couple of autoflowers for percy in a tiny cab, i saw the Marshydro 300/140w (with the new 5w diodes i think?) for a pretty good price. The buds ive seen with alot of leds have looked great! My questions are... If i made a...
  11. Tris420

    MarsHydro Grow - Sour Diesel / Critical Kush Video

    Hey 420 Friends ! Im beeing a part in the MarsHydro Contest ! Go Check out my grow ! :) And Ofcourse Check out the other Grows on their Channel Too !! Have a Nice Day
  12. L

    Is it me?

    Anyone out there used or use the newer Marshydro reflector series lights notice the lack of diversity n the color when looking at the LEDs? I think Im seeing green LEDs. And I don't seem to think it is what Marshydro is advertising. I also don't see the white LEDs. I asked in an email for...
  13. Doozy

    Marshydro LED for veg - HPS for flower - But when to swap?

    Hi all, I'm running 2300w of Mars 2 full spectrum LEDs in a 5x5 for veg, currently at week 4. I've already stated very clearly that i don't think these particular lights have what is neccesary for high yeilds in flower, but are really good for nice tight, compact plants in veg. I don't really...
  14. N

    Mars Hydro LED 960w Reflector vs 900w MarsII

    What light is better and why. I'm having a hard time choosing the 960w has a switch for veg/bloom the mars 2 doesn't. Does this matter? What light is better the mars2 900w or the 960w reflector both have 5w leds?
  15. K

    MarsHydro 150W LED reflector

    Has anyone used just a MarsHydro 150W LED reflector series to grow with? Or Mars reflector series at any wattage? I am in the middle of a grow using a MarsHydro 150W reflector, I started off with CFLs and a 12w LED and replaced the 12W with the 150W. I was wondering if anyone can share...