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  1. WillGrow510

    Legal in Cali - Amen! Brand New Closet Grower And Couldn't Be More Stoked!

    So, there used to be a time when I couldn't imagine a day without Mary. But as time went on and careers got bigger, Mary got lost. :( The hassles of drug tests and the threat of loss of jobs was just too great for our relationship to survive. But November 7th, after the election, I ran into...
  2. K

    Wine Infused With Marijuana

    A company called Mary Jane Wines is helping medical marijuana users get the treatment they need in wine form. The company makes small batches of weed-infused wine, though just half a bottle can run you between $120 and $400. Coming in both a Malbec and Chardonnay, this wine is made with...
  3. D

    Noob Not Doing Very Well

    Hey all, Great forum with tons of info. I'm green, new and with envy. I'm a first timer here on a shoestring and things aren't going well. Mary and Jane (sorry) are only 8 inches tall after six weeks from germination. They spent a little time outdoors for the first couple of weeks but are...
  4. A

    Thunder Bloody Mary Autoflower

    This is a Thunder Bloody Mary, Samsera Seeds. I've grown this strain once before. It was the second autoflower I had grown, and I really messed it up. Screwed up nutrients and she was overfed, also overheated, and I was experimenting with different lights. After all that, the plant still managed...
  5. O

    First Grow - Bag Seed

    How's it goin'? I'm doing my first grow of bagseed, not sure the strain genetics, but assume it is hybrid, having both indica and sativa physical characteristics. I'm about 4-5 weeks into flowering under 900W of CFLs. Grown in Happy Frog soil, been feeding them BB/GB/TB (Big Bloom, Tiger Bloom...