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    Rate my grow please ! Hose it looking ? Any noticeable oversights ? Thanks
  2. Mocha420

    Yellow leaves

    So, I have a Dark Devil Auto from Sweetseeds at day 84 about 30% amber trichs and im about to Harvest.. My question, because a follower on Instagram said something about it is.. Does a plants leaves need to be yellow before harvest or are them being green okay and does them being yellow make...
  3. S

    Issues during flowering week 5: Tangerine Kush

    Hey everyone this is my 2nd grow indoors using soil temps 76-80f 1/28 was last feeding. Gave them water and silica pH 6.8 2/11. Do you guys thing am having a excess nute problem or they need more nutes? Thanks guys updated needed info---I have a 1 gal that I mix my nutes in when feed- basis A...
  4. CanGrows


    Hi All First time grower here learning as I go, i look forward to learning more off of you all.
  5. T

    New Michigander

    Hey all! New to the site. Michigan native who has become a medical maryjane advocate!! Seeing how much of a difference it makes in so many lives...just want to spread the good word of weed!!
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