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  1. S

    Mold cured

    Why did I get mold after a week in the Mason jar?.. I aired it out daily..?
  2. K

    Mason Jar Event Group Celebrates One Year Of Seasonal Cannabis-Themed Dinners

    On Sunday, October 2, more than 150 people gathered at Planet Bluegrass in Lyons for another Mason Jar Event Group seasonal dinner. Gathered on the banks of North St. Vrain Creek, guests socialized as they smoked cannabis and enjoyed the first course - organic roasted-squash soup served with...
  3. cbgb

    Mold? Help

    hey folks , i think i might have a little mold on a cola ... chem dog # 4 harvested sept. 15th dried to the snap of the stem ....i placed them in mason jars and burped them for about 10 days they were then placed in mason back in jars to cure. i was checking on them today and noticed only...
  4. Amadeus Forzin

    Magic E-cig juice

    A few people around the place have been asking about a cannabis liquid to put into an e cig. I came across these 2 sets of instructions on other sites and thought id copy them over here for the fine folks at 420 magazine to enjoy. Most important thing to remember folks... Safety first I...