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  1. D


    Hello I'm new at this is to be my first time growing can anyone give me any tips or list of materials that I would need to be buying I just purchased some White Widow seeds
  2. K

    Hemp, Flax Growing As Auto Plastics Building Blocks

    Ottawa — Auto-components researchers are developing the use of grasses such as hemp or flax to make tough but lightweight bioplastics that also help reduce a vehicle's carbon footprint by using a renewable resource. A key innovator is Bruce Dietzen, president of Renew Design, a Florida-based...
  3. P

    New soil - How do I mix?

    I got a new soil and i need some help with adding perlite vermikulit and if it needs some dolomite lime. Product details of Klasmann Florabella Potting Soil The consistent high quality of Florabella potting media is assured by theuse of the best raw materials, selected additives and high...
  4. R

    Automakers' Green Push In Parts Lifts Use Of Hemp

    Survey the latest at the Detroit Auto Show and you will find fibers from water bottles in car seats, hemp in the dashboards and citrus peel in the tires. Automakers, in a continuing quest to develop lighter and more environmentally-friendly vehicles, are making increased use of sometimes...
  5. ViceCity

    First time gorilla grow 5x5 2000w need to know if I have everything I need?

    This is my first blog and grow so go easy and only leave comments if you want 2b helpful I at the very least 365 days a year spend 20 on a g of loud. So that's around 7,000 a lil bit more so why the fuck shalt I not do this. I have a list and can I get some feedback on thing I still need...
  6. sketchyjerrod

    2 Liter - Hempy

    Im looking for a material list and any tips i can find including best seeds for this process! thank you for the help after i get enough information to do a 60 plant grow i will create a journal and let everyone know how its going!
  7. L

    Hey Brother n Sisters just joined and I can already tell this is gonna be a 2nd home!

    Will be recieving my caregiver card within the month and will have a 24 plant max(flowering)...I plan on cycling them somehow to harvest 6 plants a month....i plan on using soil and will have approx $5k to invest(initially) on a room/equipment...I would greatly appreciate it if anyone could...
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