1. R

    CA: MATH To Hear Presentation On New State Medical Marijuana Legislation

    The Middletown Area Town Hall is set to get an update on new medical marijuana legislation and its potential impacts on the community. MATH will meet at 7 p.m. Thursday, Feb. 11, at the Middletown Community Center, 21256 Washington St. Meetings are open to the community. At the January...
  2. T

    Hypothetical Energy Requirements Calculations

    Hi all! I am looking to confirm (or correct!) some ballpark calculations for a hypothetical vertical farm. The farm is general purpose to grow a variety of vegetables and greens. Building size: storeys = 10 floor = 55m x 55m interstitial = 1/3 floorspace = storeys x floor x interstitial =...
  3. mangosnapper

    converting EC's to PPM's for mixing nutrients

    ~ There may have been post in the past discussing " how do you convert EC's to PPM's?"...I haven't seen it. so here is a quick and easy way to convert the numbers. ~ when following certain feeding guidelines given by growers or breeders they will suggest for an example : A. feed at 1.8 EC...
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