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    the fan flowing air threw the light

    the image is to the side but is this correct? also does the position where the light screws in matter...for example if you look on my diagram, the threads of the bulb are on the right. would it matter if the threads were the right side with the same direction airflow :420:
  2. J

    Clear HPS vs frosted/coated HPS

    I have two 150watt HPS fixtures that I got back around 1990. I have a full case of replacement bulbs but they are frosted/coated. Does it matter if the bulbs are coated? There is a difference in appearance but does that matter? Thanks for any info. !
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    What An Old Time Grower Told Me

    He said what you want under your growing plants is not so much rotted vegetable matter as ROTTING veg. matter. Because rotting veg matter puts off gases and complex molecules that plants love to feed off of. My wife makes a lot of this , cantelope and watemellon rinds, old potatoes that have...
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    CA: Solano's Proposed Marijuana Tax To Go To The Voters

    Ending on a high note Tuesday, Solano County supervisors unanimously opted to send a potentially controversial matter to voters. Come November, voters will get to decide whether future commercial marijuana businesses in Solano County will be subject to a 15 percent business license tax...
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    Flushing - Do PPM's and pH matter?

    Sup 420 I have a question aimed towards dwc. When doing your final flush, do the ppm's and ph matter? I know that the ph should be between 5.8 to 6.5 and ppm's very from 250 to 1500, depending on the strain and what stage of the plants life cycle your in, I like to keep them under 1000 or...