1. shuffledemon

    Pistils as indicators for maturity? No

    I hear people talk about pistil color and condition as indicators of plant maturity. Well, don't. It doesn't work. You need your magnifier and perspective of your trichome color. Without that you just have guesswork. Take a look at these. Which one looks more mature? If you...
  2. Y

    How does plant maturity affect flowering period?

    Hi All! This is the first thread I'm starting on :420: , so please be gentle! :) I searched through the masses of forums and couldn't find a thread answering quite what I wanted to ask, so if anybody is willing to shed some light on the topic I would really appreciate it. The best way I...
  3. trichomes

    Bright street-light 120 feet away direct on this plant, Bad location?

    Should I use a different spot? this location worked OK last year but I thought I'd get some member opinion on the affect of direct Halogen street-light hitting all my tops now. Will this affect the bud cycle/time? I think the light makes the plant take longer to mature, it's already been...
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