maui waui

  1. Post xplant; pre snip

    Post xplant; pre snip

  2. 4 strains 17 days or so

    4 strains 17 days or so

  3. Transplant Day

    Transplant Day

  4. 2w2d since germination

    2w2d since germination

  5. J

    JimiGrows 4 Strain in Scrog - Indoor Soil

    New year, new grow. This time I'm growing Maui Waui, Bubblelicious, Wonder Woman, and Somango XXL from Nirvana. All are feminized. I'll be putting them in a scrog like I did my last Sour Jack grow to keep the heights even in the 4ftx4ft tent. They're in my 2'x2' tent where it's easier to keep...
  6. H

    Just started! Any and all help appreciated

    :thanks: Names Lucky. Have thrown seeds into pots 15 years ago and watched them grow. Since then I have read and been intrigued but have not even smoked in the most recent years :volcano-smiley: Always has been a passion to grow and now I have the means to do so, not to mention some superb...
  7. P

    Hawaiian Pakalōlō Roots: A History of Cannabis in Hawai'i

    Hawaiian Pakalōlō Roots: A History of Cannabis in Hawai'i The history of Pakalōlō (the Hawaiian word for cannabis meaning: crazy or numbing tobacco; paka = tobacco, lōlō = crazy or numbing) in Hawai'i is a subject shrouded in mystery and myth, lost in the aromatic mists of time, similar to...
  8. ConqueringLOJ

    CLOJ 2012 - Wowie - Blueberry Gum - Orange Bud Indoor - White Widow & Siberia Outdoor

    Wow it has been a minute! But I couldn't resist coming back to 420 to share another grow! The community here and the forums have been so great to me over the last few years, I had to do it. Here we go! This will be another coco grow done in 2 gal Air Pots!.. I've got 4 Wowie seedlings, 3...
  9. Z

    Maui Waui - trichomes

    :rollit: My Maui Waui plant's trichomes are mostly all cloudy with a few amber (5-10%). Can these be placed into darkness to rush the trichomes? I need to leave and do not have anyone to care for them. Please help me. Will this work? I also have Short Ryder's and they are turning purple...