1. R

    Very Small Grow - Inexpensive LED Options

    I have two very small grow areas. Each is 2' x 4' x 6' (48 cu. ft.) Veg side is doing well under T5s. When it comes to flowering, I figure 3 (4 max) five gallon containers will fit in the flower side. Was originally planning on staying with T5s for the flower side - sacrificing max growth for...
  2. F

    PM in arid conditions

    I have PM. Really a pain! My humidity is always low, less than 60% at all times, more around under 30% most times - the max is 58% and the min is 15% but the average is about 30%. My max temp is 85 and low is 53. I have fans, vents, and screens in the room always open - lots of airflow. I...
  3. rillos

    Trics check

    Good afternoon peeps, tell me what you think. I'm just looking for max THC before too many go amber.:thanks:
  4. C

    GrowOS - DIY Arduino CO2/Temp/Hum Automation

    Hello everyone, I wanna share with you my DIY Arduino project that controls CO2, Temperature and Humidity levels. As far as I've seen most commercial solutions tackle those variables independently, the purpose of my project is to have them talk to each-other and work together. Right now I'm in...
  5. 4Dutchess

    Safer Caterpillar spray or Azamax?

    Fall caterpillars are the only pests I really notice, and they can suck!! The grow shop told me to use "Safer" cat. spray. They said up to 2 weeks before harvest is ok with Safer?? Is Aza max as good or better?? Im thinking spray in August and stop in Sept.? I only see Caterpillars...
  6. 4Dutchess

    Azamax - Please Help!

    Hello All! Im not sure if Ive had mites all along but I noticed them this year. I put clones out in Feb. and harvest in May and usually let then reveg and harvest again in Oct. Last falls crop wasent the greatest and this year Im doing seeds I bred. I noticed bad spidermites on my clones and...
  7. BostonGreen

    Max potential in 4x4 tents?

    Hey everyone.. i got a few 4x4 tents and have been growing with them for awhile now.. Im just wondering what you guys all pull out of your 4x4's as I'm wondering weather to upgrade in size to something bigger or just keep dialing in my current grow rooms and try to max out my yields.. Whats...
  8. Shctr

    Abandoned Shctr's LST Try - White Widow - Super Critical & Trainwreck

    Grow tent - 120x120x210 Bucket Size - 20lt airpot Soil - Biobizz light mix Lights - 400w Philips Mh(veg) 400w osram hpw(flowering) Nutrients - Guanokalong liquid, General organics(all) - Advanced nutrients sensizym, nirvana, overdrive, mother earth bloom, Strain(s) - White widow, super...
  9. Jango

    Best number of plants in a cabinet for maximum yield

    Hello fellow grass lovers! Long time listener, first time caller lol. Here's the skinny, just finished putting together a new cabinet. Cabinet dimensions are 3x2x6, minus the height of the hydro tub and lights raised all the way its 3x2x4. Using a bubble-ponics type system for the hydro...
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