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    Mazar I Sharif - hashish strain - landrace of its best - weedseeds
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    Completed MacMota's Second Go - Poor Man Style

    We're at it again! We're going to be growing Strawberry Cough, Mazar-Afghan and some Bagseed for fun. I'm not sure what the blends are but I know they're around 40% - 60%. We're starting from seeds (They're germinating right now) and we're going into the same growing set up as before. The soil...
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    Completed Our First

    So I'm trying to grow for my woman. She smokes for the anti-anxiety effects and as such, we decided to grow Strawberry Cough. Along with our order came an Afghan-Mazar blend. I hope I spelled that right. We've got a space picked out and the lights should be up soon. I'm starting with CFLs...
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