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  1. Ron Strider

    Canada Wants To Sell You "Marijuana Candies" Next Year

    Canada should be legalizing edible weed candies and desserts once cannabis is legalized in 2018, says the chair of Canada's task force on marijuana legalization. Speaking at a hearing on the legalization of marijuana in Canada, Anne McLellan, chair of the marijuana legalization task force...
  2. Ron Strider

    UT: USU Says No To Cannabis Research On Humans; Hemp Growth A Long Shot

    Utah State University is not interested in doing research on the effects of medical marijuana on humans, and even if the university had the facilities necessary to grow the controlled substance for research purposes, it would only consider growing it if federal and state laws become untangled...
  3. Ron Strider

    Canada Marijuana Legalization: World Watching As Country Moves To Legal Market

    The lead of the federally appointed task force on the legalization of cannabis says the world is watching as Canada looks to legalize the drug's recreational use by next summer. Anne McLellan, a former Liberal public safety minister, says other countries want to see how successful Canada is...
  4. K

    Report On Canada's Marijuana Legalization Due This Week

    Ottawa's march toward a controlled market for legal marijuana in Canada takes a major step forward this week with the delivery of a task force report that includes advice on a minimum age, product warnings and measures to prevent drug-impaired driving. The report on pot legalization will be...
  5. K

    Naming Anne McLellan As Chair Of Marijuana Legalization Task Force Is Offensive

    How did someone who has called marijuana a "scourge", who has obstructed access to medical marijuana to sick and dying Canadians in pain, who has dismissed marijuana users as "stupid", and who works for a law firm that wants to see its clients get a monopoly on legal weed, ever get to chair a...
  6. K

    As Canada's Cannabis Queen, Anne McLellan Faces Daunting Policy Challenge

    "I've always been more interested in policy than politics," says Edmonton lawyer and former Liberal deputy prime minister Anne McLellan. That's handy because late last week McLellan was named chairwoman of federal government's new Task Force on Marijuana Legalization and Regulation. She's...