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  1. Ron Strider

    First Public Hemp Building In The U.S. Opens In Idaho

    It began when 26-year-old Mattie Mead discovered that hemp could be used as a building material his senior year of college. "I looked to natural materials to create more insulating, more efficient, and less energy intensive homes," Mead said. "And through that study Hempcrete stood out to me...
  2. Ron Strider

    Idaho Basecamp Builds First Public Hemp Building In U.S.

    Ketchum and Sun Valley can add another item to their list of accolades, now that the area plays host to the first public facility in the United States made of hemp. Idaho Base Camp, a nonprofit organization formed in 2014, has finished construction of its Borah Basin Building, located at its...
  3. R

    Wisconsin: Legal Pot In Other States Has Wausau Packaging Company Seeing Green

    Roastar Inc. manufactures packaging for niche items like coffee, tea, nuts, and now marijuana. When Mike Mead and a close friend started out, Roaster was a small label printing company. "In 2011, we saw an opportunity to move into flexible packaging in the specialized coffee market," he...